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beautiful caryatid columns 154 cm high figure


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Column figure "Caryatid" - delightful garden figure in column form

detailed custom built Garden Figure / Statue / Stone Figure
frost-resistant for outdoor / weatherproof

 Standard color: gray patina

Dimensions of the garden figure:

(Suitable column is not for heavy loads) Package = 1 Figure
Height: about 154 cm
Weight: about 174 kg
Base: 37 x 34 cm

Delivery by house-forwarding / collection of the goods here at Concrete Art-Design in Leipzig possible
    Shipping Costs >>>
    Contact for inquiries >>>

(Prices are incl -. Excl. Shipping costs)

A caryatid (Greek καρυάτιδα, "woman from Caryae" [Sparta]) is a sculpture of a female figure with supporting function of architecture. An alternative name is Kanephore (Greek "basket bearer"). Caryatids replace in architectural columns or pillars with portals and in the façade, they wear pediments, architraves, roofs or other roof elements.

Caryatids are a special case of Koren.

Equating the Ionic column with the slim stature of a woman was a familiar idea in ancient Greece. Doric columns have been identified with the powerful figure of the man; such male sculptures are called atlases or Kouroi.

The Caryatid contributes in contrast to the atlases, holding up his hands to support next to the head, the load freely on the head. There are also free-standing sculptures as Koren.

The classic form of Kore represents a dressed girl, which usually with legs together (or the left foot a little mounting) stands with a straight posture. The poor often depend on the side of their body down or an arm is bent and wearing a votive offering. They usually wear a peplos or a chiton. The vertical folds of the robe remember about the mainstay of the fluting of the columns. Often these strict wrinkles are loosened a lightweight angling of the swing leg. These figures were usually painted in antiquity, where the color has not been obtained.

The caryatids from the Erechtheion on the Acropolis in Athens belong to the rich style. These in turn were a subject in almost all later art periods until the end of the 19th century. These imitations often bear the label of Mannerism.

Another example shows the BC built in type of Ante temple about 525 treasure house of Siphnier in Delphi, in which two Koren in ionic dress with thin, fine chiton and bias cut cloak Make Caryatids the function of columns and at the forward open Facade carry the architraves of the Treasury. A reconstruction of the building in plaster can be seen in the museum at Delphi.
Subsequent development
Caryatids at the portal of the Palais Pallavicini in Vienna (19th century)

Caryatids were used in the European architecture in the Baroque and Classicism in again as elements of the design such as in Sanssouci Palace, but also later as part of historicist architecture and home design. After two years of construction, the Hotel Atlantic was opened in Hamburg on May 2, 1909. To his landmark were the two caryatids on the southern gable, which support a world globe.

In the arts and crafts area Caryatids are in seats (for example, "Caryatid stool" in African art), to be found in tables, lighting or wall coverings.

(Source: Wikipedia)

beautiful caryatid columns 154 cm high figure


This product was published on Wednesday, 11 June 2014 in our catalogue.

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